Fundraising Campaign Launching Ceremony

The Fundraising Campaign Launching Ceremony took place on a cold winter afternoon on 10th December 2015 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Despite the cold weather outside, the function room was filled with laughter and warmth of the attending St Stephenies ??past and present ??who showed up in impressive numbers to offer their support to the school.

SSGC council members, alumnae, parents and friends, including many SSGC distinguished alumni like Mrs Rita Fan, Mrs Regina Ip and Dr Dame Rosanna Wong, all set aside their busy schedules to attend, all with the same goal in mind: to see how they could help their alma mater.

The ceremony started with a procession of student representatives from the kindergarten, primary and secondary schools. Each representative carried a candle, signifying the passing on of the school's values and heritage from generation to generation. We then all stood to sing together our beloved school hymn.

Reverend Peter Koon, Chairman of the College Council, gave a welcoming speech, in which he reminded us that, in order for the school to continue its growth and sustainable development and to continue to deliver its first rate education, funding beyond Government subventions is a necessity. Reverend Koon also shared notable historical details about St Stephen's Girls' College being the first Sheng Kung Hui girls' school.

Following Reverend Koon's speech was the first showing of the much anticipated Fundraising Campaign video, which features interviews with a number of past and present principals, teachers, and alumnae of the school. They shared their precious teaching and learning experiences and their love for the school. In the video, they all made an appeal for the support of the Fundraising Campaign.

We then heard a series of speeches given by distinguished speakers from diverse industry fields: the College Council Vice Chairman and Co-Chairmen of the Fundraising Committee, Professor Angela Tsang, Ms Eliza Chang, Ms May Ho, Ms Wong Pui Yee, Dr Dame Rosanna Wong and Yu Tsang.

The speakers unanimously praised two distinguishing features of the school and its students: its unique whole person development teaching philosophy; and the positive qualifies of St Stephenies, including their cheerfulness, team spirit, willingness to share, creativity and passion for learning. In order to continue to maintain such a unique teaching philosophy and to ensure the school can continue to nurture aspiring leaders, lots of resources are required. They all agreed that the success of the Fundraising Campaign depends on the support of all St Stephenies.

The Ceremony closed on a high note, as Yu Tsang donated her original school uniform jacket for auction, proceeds of which went to the Fundraising Campaign fund. Everyone left the celebration filled with enthusiasm and determination to help out their alma mater in any way they can.

In faith we go forward. In unity, we will surely attain our fundraising goal.