June Li Building:

The Main Building, opened in 1924, was declared a historical monument by the Monuments and Antiquities Board in 1992. It is preserved for its architectural beauty and historical value. In 1998, it was renamed the June Li Building.

The June Li Building has the following rooms and facilities:

  • Enquiry Office
  • School Office
  • Principal’s Office
  • Vice Principals’ Offices
  • Staff Rooms
  • Staff Resource Room
  • Social Worker’s Room
  • Careers Room
  • Kwok Siu Lau Hall
  • Ho Tung Hall – the canteen
  • Chapel
  • Classrooms
  • Music Room
  • Music Practice Rooms
  • Computer Room
  • AV Rooms
  • Multimedia Room
  • Campus Broadcasting Studio
  • Conference Room
  • Archives Room
  • SA Room
  • Meeting rooms
  • Covered Playground

East Wing of June Li Building

Kwok Siu Lau Hall

Conference Room



The Garden Gate

Hsu Ta Tung Memorial Building:

The Hsu Ta Tung Memorial Building was constructed on the old Primary School site and was completed in 1995.

The building has the following rooms and facilities:

  • JC hall
  • Laboratories
  • Library
  • Interactive Learning Zone
  • Playground

A corner at the library


Ellen Li Jubilee Building:

The Ellen Li Jubilee Building has the following rooms and facilities:

  • Staff Room
  • Counselling Room
  • Gymnasium
  • Multi-Media Room
  • Home Management Room
  • Needlework Room
  • Visual Arts Rooms
  • Meeting rooms
  • Classrooms
  • Playground

Ellen Li Jubilee Building