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St. Stephen's Girls' College was founded in 1906 by the Church Missionary Society of the Anglican Church of England. It moved from its earliest site on Caine Road to Babington Path, and then to the present site on Lyttelton Road in 1924, when it also became a grant school. With only a short disruption caused by the Second World War, St. Stephen's Girls' College has offered a high-quality education for girls' in Hong Kong for over 99 years.

Our Principals

There were 9 expatriate principals up to 2014:

  • Miss W.M. Carden (1905-1915)
  • Miss W. I. Griffin (1915-1924)
  • Miss E.M. Middleton-Smith (1924-1929)
  • Miss E.S. Atkins (1929-1949)
  • Miss K.D. Cherry (1949-1961)
  • Dr. K.E. Barker (1961-1991)
  • Mrs. K.C. Too (1992-2003)
  • Rev. Jenny Nam (2003-2011)
  • Mrs. Christine Shain (2011-2014)

The present and 10th principal is Ms. Maggie Chau.

Our Buildings

  • The Main Building was opened in 1924. It was the first school in Hong Kong declared a historical monument in 1992, and was renamed the June Li Building in 1996. An Archives Room was set up to preserve and exhibit school archives.
  • The Jubilee Building was opened in 1958. It was renamed the Ellen Li Jubilee Building in 1996.
  • The Hse Ta Tung Memorial Building was built on the site of the Primary School, and was opened in 1996.
  • The Primary School and Kindergarten was relocated to Henrietta School, renamed the Yu Lee Mo Fun Memorial Building in 1996.
  • In April 1996 the Reprovisioning Project was officially completed.

Significant Landmarks

  • The SSGC Alumnae Association was established in 1926.
  • School uniforms were introduced in 1928.
  • The SSGC Parent-Teacher Association was established in 1951.
  • The Boarding School was closed in 1967.
  • Visually handicapped students were first admitted into SSGC in 1972 to receive integrated education.
  • Our 6th Principal, Miss K.E. Barker, was awarded the Honorary Doctor of Social Sciences by the University of Hong Kong in 1989 for her contribution in education.
  • SSGC was chosen by the Education Department as one of the ten Pilot schools in Information Technology in 1998, as one of the Quality Education Fund projects.
  • Three past students had served in the HK Legislative Council: Dr. Ellen Li Tso Sau Kwan, Mrs. Rita Fan Hsu Lai-Tai, Dr. Rosanna Wong Yick Ming.



Last revised: March 2015