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IT Facilities

As one of the pilot schools under the IT Pilot Scheme in 1998, St. Stephen’s Girls’ College has been a pioneer in providing ample IT facilities to teachers and students in teaching and learning, as well as for their daily activities in this information era.

The core of the infrastructure is a gigabit Ethernet, with a 100 Mbps broadband Internet access, linking over 300 workstations around the three buildings through an optical fibre backbone. There are 4 Windows 2003 servers for file sharing, plus a few servers for other applications. Wireless connection is available in most parts of the school premises. All servers and workstations are well protected by NetProtect firewall and anti-virus software against security threads.

Students are free to use facilities in their classrooms, the two Computer Rooms and the library after lesson time. In addition, there is a Multimedia Room for use by students and teachers for language learning and activities requiring more interaction. Teachers can use notebook computers at their own desks, and IT facilities in Resource Rooms for lesson preparation and carrying out administrative duties.

A school intranet eClass has been set up to enhance teaching and learning by providing virtual classes, discussion forums, online assessment and exercises via the Internet outside school hours. A VOD server is set up to facilitate media production and broadcasting video clips. In addition to the WebSAMS provided by the EMB, a web-based extranet system has been developed to provide various customized applications for administrative functions to enhance efficiency and bring about greater convenience for teachers and students.

Network equipment
in Server Room

Computer Room
for students

Resource Room
for teachers