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The Cheung Kung Leung Memorial Library was opened in April 1996, when the new Hsu Ta Tung Memorial Building was officially opened. It occupies the whole lower ground floor and is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, thanks to the generous donation of the late Dr. Cheung Kung Leung's family.

Under the direction of the former Teacher-Librarian and later Assistant Principal, Mrs. Anna Lee, the computerization of Library management was completed in 1996, using the VLib Library Management System. Today, the Teacher-Librarian is Miss Jora Ma, and the Assistant Librarian is Miss Doris Chan.

Up to June 2011, the Library has a total collection of over 23,000 items, including books, magazines, videos, CD-Roms, VCDs etc. It also has some special collections, such as English and Chinese Extensive Reading. The number of users per day is about 100, and the daily issue rate is about the same. Everyday, there are 2 to 4 student helpers who volunteer to be on duty at Lunchtime and after school.

There are 4 computers for Library management, and 10 laptop computers for students' use, all having access to the Internet and Intranet. A printer and a photocopier are installed for students' use.

The Library's aims are to promote good reading habits among our students, to provide necessary and up-to-date resources for learning and teaching, and to keep up high standard of services for our users.

In March 2009 an Interactive Learning Centre was opened in the Library, equipped with high technology, for small group discussions, projects, and other learning activities. It is part of the school’s long-term planning for the new Senior Secondary Curriculum which emphasizes student-centred learning.

There are some special equipment installed in the Library for the visually-impaired students, such as a power Braille, a printer, and a TV for enlarged prints. This has greatly helped the learning of our visually-impaired students.