Vision & Mission
St. Stephen's Girls' College is a Christian school whose primary aim is to provide good education in a Christian spirit. It strives to educate the 'whole person' by emphasizing the moral, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic, as well as spiritual development of every student. It aims to help students to achieve academic excellence, to develop their own potential, to become responsible citizens and future leaders, and to serve the community.
Motto, Badge & Hymn

The design of the school badge dates back to 1911. The design includes the motto in Chinese and English. The colours – red, yellow, blue, white and black were taken from the five-barred flag used in Republican China from 1911 to 1928. According to tradition, each colour represented one of China's five racial groups, the red bar at the top standing for the Han people. The design itself is full of symbolism, with the circle representing both the world and the perfection of God, the Creator. The pentalpha or five-pointed star is known as the Star of Bethlehem, and represents Jesus Christ, the hope of the world. The pentalpha can also be viewed as a person standing in the Eastern attitude of prayer, with arms outstretched. At the heart of the badge is the Cross.

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We build our school on Thee, O Lord,
To Thee we bring our common need
The loving heart, the helpful word,
The tender thought, the kindly deed.

We work together in Thy sight,
We live together in Thy love:
Guide Thou our faltering steps aright,
And lift our thoughts to heaven above.

Hold Thou each hand to keep it just,
Touch Thou our lips and make them pure;
If Thou art with us, Lord, we must
Be faithful friends and comrades sure.

We change but Thou art still the same,
The same good Master, Teacher, Friend;
We change, but, Lord, we bear Thy Name,
To journey with it to the end.
Dear Lord we pray, Thy Spirit may
Be present in our school alway.
St. Stephen's Girls' College was founded in 1906 by the Church Missionary Society of the Anglican Church of England. It moved from its earliest site on Caine Road to Babington Path, and then to the present site on Lyttelton Road in 1924, when it also became a grant school. With only a short disruption caused by the Second World War, St. Stephen's Girls' College has offered a high-quality education for girls' in Hong Kong for over 110 years.

Our Principals

  • Miss W.M. Carden (1905-1915)
  • Miss W. I. Griffin (1915-1924)
  • Miss E.M. Middleton-Smith (1924-1929)
  • Miss E.S. Atkins (1929-1949)
  • Miss K.D. Cherry (1949-1961)
  • Dr. K.E. Barker (1961-1991)
  • Mrs. K.C. Too (1992-2003)
  • Rev. Jenny Nam (2003-2011)
  • Mrs. Christine Shain (2011-2014)
  • Miss Maggie Chau (2014-present)

St. Stephen's Girls' College

School History and Significant Events


St. Stephen’s Girls’ College (SSGC) was founded by the Church Missionary Society (CMS) of the Anglican Church of England with the support of Sir Kai, Ho Kai and Dr. Tso Sin Wan. The school was first located at 35 Caine Road and later moved to 27 Caine Road in 1909.
Photo shows the teachers, boys and girls of SSGC and Preparatory School outside the school at 27 Caine Road in 1909.


Miss Winifred Carden, our first Principal, and students
Miss Carden enquired in 1912 whether the University of Hong Kong (HKU) would accept female students, but the answer was negative. Women were not admitted to HKU until 1921.


The school’s motto, ‘In Faith Go Forward’, was chosen, expressing the missionary vision of the founder.


Four graduates were among the first ten women students to enter the University of Hong Kong.
Photo shows one of our HKU graduates in 1925.


The Foundation Stone of the Main Building on Lyttelton Road was laid by HRH the Prince of Wales (later to become King Edward VIII).


The school building (Main Building) was officially opened by Lady Stubbs, wife of the 16th Governor of Hong Kong, and the school premises were shared by SSGC and Fairlea School. SSGC also became a Government Grant-in-aid School.
Photo shows the two schools in the Kwok Siu Lau Hall: St. Stephen’s on the left and Fairlea students on the right.


Picture of the Main Building, showing the West Wing and the Central section without the East Wing due to limited funding.
*Courtesy of Dr. Richard Wong


School uniforms were introduced.


The East Wing of the Main Building was completed.

The Main Building is located on a narrow, steeply slope between Lyttelton Road and Park Road, a four-storey structure with four wings enclosing a school hall at the centre. It was renamed the June Li Building in 1998.


Wah Kwong Club, the forerunner of the Christian Association, was formed in SSGC in support of the young women education campaign launched by the Young Women’s Christian Association (Y.W.C.A.).
Photo shows the St. Stephen’s Group at the Wah Kwong Club Conference in Tsuen Wan in 1935.


Mandarin lessons were introduced, unique amongst Anglo-Chinese schools.
Photo shows the teaching staff in 1935.


SSGC Netball Team
Unlike other schools at that time, SSGC encouraged physical education.


University students of St. Stephen’s Hall, which was an off-campus residential accommodation provided by SSGC for women students at the University of Hong Kong since 1922.


School Photo


The school was occupied and used by the Japanese army as an ‘Emergency Hospital’ and later turned into the ‘Academy of East Asia’.
Photo shows a label at the back of a wardrobe door left in school after war.


The School was re-opened in October 1945. The speedy re-opening was made possible due to the concerted efforts of the staff. Mr. Wong Nai Hon was the Acting Headmaster until the Principal, Miss Atkins, returned in 1946.
Photo shows the printing of issue number 13 of the school magazine: News Echo in 1946-1947 academic year.


The SSGC Parent Teacher Association (PTA) was established, one of the few in Hong Kong at that time.
Photo shows the second PTA meeting in October 1951.


SSGC celebrated her Golden Jubilee.
Photo shows the lantern drill in the playground in March 1956.


The Foundation Stone of the Jubilee Building was laid by Lady Grantham, wife of the 22nd Governor of Hong Kong.
Photo shows Bishop Ronald Hall and Lady Grantham during the ceremony.


The Jubilee Building was opened by Sir Robert Black, the 23rd Governor of Hong Kong. It was renamed the Ellen Li Jubilee Building in 1996.


SSGC admitted boys to Form Six for the first time.


SSGC celebrated her Diamond Jubilee.


The Boarding House was closed.
Photo shows a group of boarders of the last year of Boarding House.


The Extension of Jubilee Building was opened by Bishop Gilbert Baker.


Bishop Gilbert Baker dedicated the new Chapel in the Main Building which was built on the demolished site of the Boarding House.


Visually impaired students were admitted for the first time for integrated education.


The School Volleyball Team won the Hong Kong Schools Sports Association’s Volleyball League championship for the 13th Year in succession.


English Room with its small Language Laboratory was completed.
Photo shows the control panel and recording booths in the Laboratory.


SSGC celebrated her 70th Anniversary.
Photo shows the Anniversary Concert in the Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall.


Computer Studies was first introduced with Education Department’s provision of 11 Apple IIe computers.
Photo shows the Computer Room in the Jubilee Building.


The refurbished Leung Wah Woon and Leung Wah Chan Library in the Main Building was opened by Dr. Ellen Li.


SSGC celebrated her 80th Anniversary.
Photo shows the cake cutting ceremony during the Anniversary Dinner at Windsor Palace Restaurant.


The refurbished Winifred Cheung Music Room in the Main Building was opened by Dr. Ellen Li.


SSGC celebrated her 85th Anniversary.


The Foundation Stone of the Hsu Ta Tung Memorial Building was laid by Lady Wilson, wife of the 27th Governor of Hong Kong.


Mrs. Too So Kwok Chun became the first Chinese Principal of the School.
Photo of Mrs. Too taken with School Council Chairman, Mr. Michael Choy and School Supervisor, Mrs. Judy Young (middle).


The Main Building was the first school in Hong Kong declared a historical monument. It was renamed the June Li Building in 1998.


The Hsu Ta Tung Memorial Building was opened by Dr. Ellen Li.


SSGC celebrated her 90th Anniversary.
Photo shows the Thanksgiving Service in Kwok Siu Lau Hall in school.


SSGC was selected by the Education Department as one of the ten Pilot Secondary Schools in Hong Kong for Information Technology Development and was granted the Quality Education Fund to implement the project.
Photo shows the Multimedia Room in the Main Building.


In April 1998, a group of senior students, accompanied by our Principal, Vice Principal and Chinese History teachers, enjoyed a 9-day study tour of Tsinghua University in Beijing. The experience was followed by further tours to various parts of China in the following years.


SSGC celebrated her 95th Anniversary.
Photo shows the Anniversary Concert in the Grand Theatre of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre.


The first English Language Study Tours to the United Kingdom took place in the summer of 2001. 45 students from Forms 1 and 2 spent two weeks in Poole, while 21 Form 3 and 4 students stayed in Bromley for three weeks, attending classes and workshops and visiting historic or cultural sites. Such English Language courses have become annual events, and have also been extended to other academic areas.


For the first time in the school’s history, the Senior Choir participated in the 2002 International Choir Olympics, held in Busan, Korea. The Choir won a silver medal.


SSGC and the High School Attached to the Capital Normal University in Beijing became ‘Sister School’.


The construction of an annex to the Ellen Li Jubilee Building, which comprises five classrooms, under the EMB School Improvement Programme, was completed.


SSGC celebrated her 100th Anniversary:
‘Celebrate a Century’s Grace Go Forward in Faith’
‘沐恩百載 本信進前’


SSGC was the first secondary school in Hong Kong to deploy a 10GE network on campus.


The Shanghai World Expo Study Tour, the largest tour in the history of SSGC, was organized with 130 students from Forms Four and Five, accompanied by the Principal, Vice-Principals and 14 teachers and staff.


SSGC celebrated her 105th Anniversary:
‘Step by Step
105 Years of Stepping Forward’
‘昂首提步 春風提攜’


Wireless networking was installed throughout the campus and up-to-date iPads and windows tablets were made available for use in the classrooms for e-Learning.


Our School received the Gold Award in the 2013 Sectoral Awards of the Hong Kong Awards for Environment Excellence (Secondary Schools Sub-Sector) in recognition of our outstanding achievement in promoting environmental protection and ‘Going Green’.


As part of the Global Experience Programme launched in 2013, the whole school engaged in three consecutive days of ‘glocal’ activities outside the classroom. This has now become a regular activity.


The school’s Chaplaincy Team organized a Graduation Service for Form 6 students for the first time in February 2014. During the Service, the lighting of a single candle, which was passed on to every graduate, symbolized the continuation of tradition as well as a passing-on of God’s love.


SSGC celebrated her 110th Anniversary:
‘110 Years of God’s Grace
Forward We Go in Faith’
‘主恩百壹載 本信創未來’

Last revised: January 2018

College Council
Name Post
The Reverend Canon KOON Ho Ming Peter Douglas
Chairman and Supervisor
Professor YUEN TSANG Woon Ki Angelina
Dr. CHENG Hoi Chuen (GBS, OBE, JP)
Hon. Treasurer
Ms. Judy KANT
The Reverend Canon LAM Sau Fung Ian
Mr. LEE Tin Fan Paul
The Reverend IP Kam Fai
Ms. WONG Chi Mei Jennifer
The Honourable SHEK Lai Him Abraham (GBS, JP)
Professor WU Ting Yuk Anthony (GBS, JP)
Ms. WONG Ka Man Carmen
President of Alumnae Association
Ms. YU Wing Yee Monique
Chairperson of The Parent Teacher Association of SSGC
Ms. CHAU Wai Chu Maggie
Principal and Secretary
Principal's Message

As the tenth principal of St. Stephen’s Girls’ College, it is a tremendous privilege to lead this school as we continue, for more than a century, to flourish in our legacy of providing quality education. Founded in 1906, St. Stephen’s Girls’ College remains one of the leading Christian schools for girls in Hong Kong. In addition to having one of our school buildings a Declared Monument, we continue to take great pride in creating a wealth of learning opportunities which nurture character while also pursuing excellence in studies. Welcomed to a community that fosters whole-person development as much as core academics, students quickly find themselves supported in and outside the classroom as they explore a rigorous academic programme and develop into responsible members of a vibrant community. Not only do our students graduate with impressive communication, collaboration, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, they also leave with a connection to and an empathy for the world beyond the campus, ready to contribute to the global community.

Although no website can realistically provide a complete picture of any organization, I hope ours conveys a sense of the spirit of St. Stephen’s Girls’ College. You will find here a taste of all we do throughout the year and highlights of our achievements beyond the classroom. It is what we do that makes us unique – how we value academic excellence and make learning exciting, the way we focus on individual potential and needs, and the way we provide meaningful opportunities for girls to explore their strengths and develop into leaders of tomorrow.

Enjoy the distinctively friendly, happy and lively atmosphere of St. Stephen’s as you browse through our website.

Chau Wai-chu Maggie


The Cabinet consists of the Principal, Vice Principals and a few senior teachers. It is responsible for planning, policy making in school administration and management.

Name Post
Ms. CHAU Wai-chu Maggie Principal
Mrs. PAK TSANG Tze-har Esther Vice Principal
Ms. LAM Lai-yung Vice Principal
Ms. LEE Wai-yee Yvonne OLE Coordinator
Dr. LEE Sing-cheung David Head of Religious Education
Ms. LAW King-yuk Head of Geography
Ms. WONG Chin-wo Head of Economics
Ms. KWAN Pui-shan Head of Chemistry
Organization Chart

Last revised: July 2017

Teaching Staff

Chinese Language Education:

Chinese Language

Ms WONG Hiu-lam**, Ms HO Shuk-yan*, Mr CHAN Ka-ho, Ms CHAN Kwai-lan, Ms CHENG Shuk-yee, Ms CHO Sau-fan, Ms KWOK Lai-kuen, KWONG Wai-shan, Ms LO Lai-ching, TANG Wai-yiu, Ms TSE Yuk-yee Peony, Ms YEUNG Wai-wah

Chinese Literature

Mr CHAN Ka-ho, Ms CHENG Shuk-yee, Ms KWOK Lai-kuen


Ms CHO Sau-fan, Ms KAM Ling, Ms LO Lai-ching, Ms TANG Wai-yiu, Ms TSE Yuk-yee Peony

English Language Education:

English Language

Ms Terri DONLON**, Ms PUN Kam-mui*, Ms CHENG Man-chi Sammi, Ms CHEUNG Wai-yi, Ms KEUNG Kwai-hing Judy, Ms LAI Fung-lam Rachel, Ms Stephanie Elizabeth LEWIS, Mr LI Ka-chun, Ms LI Man-wai, Ms MAK Wai-ying Helen, Mrs MAN CHAN Rebecca Eva, Mrs PAK TSANG Tze-har Esther, Ms POON Nga-chi Ivy

Literature in English

Ms Terri DONLON, Ms KEUNG Kwai-hing Judy

Mathematics Education:


Ms YUEN Mei-ling Salina**, Ms NG Chui-ying*, Ms CHAN KWOK Lai-sim Vivian, Ms CHAN Man-wai, Ms CHENG Lo, Ms KONG Lai-hing, Ms LEE Ka-yee, Ms LEE Suk-chun Lucile, Ms LEE Wing-yee, Mr LEUNG Siu-cheung, Ms LI Shin-chee          

Personal, Social & Humanities Education:

Chinese History

Ms WONG Kam-shuen Candy**, Ms KAM Ling


Ms WONG Chin-wo**, Ms SIN Wai-wah


Ms LAW King-yuk**, Ms CHAN Kwai-lan, Ms WONG Ka-po


Mrs Katrina Maree LIM**, Ms LI Yuk-ying, Mrs MAN CHAN Rebecca Eva, Ms TSANG Nga-yin

Liberal Studies

Mrs FUNG TONG Shin-yee Cynthia**, Ms CHAN Yin-fan, Ms CHENG Yung-mei, Ms CHEUNG Wai-yi, Mr KWAN Ho-lim, Ms LO Ka-yin Cherry, Ms PANG Yuen-yan, Ms TSANG Nga-yin, Ms WONG Chin-wo, Mr YAM Yiu-hon Eric

Religious Education

Dr LEE Sing-cheung David**, Ms CHENG Lo     

Science Education:


Ms LAI Kam-fung**, Mrs FUNG TONG Shin-yee Cynthia, Ms LAM Lai-yung, Ms MAN Pui-yan


Ms KWAN Pui-shan**, Mr CHAN Kwok-wai


Ms YAU Wing-yee**, Ms KWONG Yvonne Roamy

Science (Junior)

Mrs FUNG TONG Shin-yee Cynthia**, Ms LAI Kam-fung, Ms LI Shin-chee, Ms MAN Pui-yan, Ms YAU Wing-yee

Arts Education:


Mrs CHAU LI Fung-yee Josephine**, Mr LI Ka-chun

Visual Arts

Ms TSANG Shuk-ping Eileen**, Ms CHAN Yu-kim Kim

Cultural Arts

Ms TSANG Shuk-ping Eileen**, Ms CHAN Yu-kim Kim, Ms LEE Wai-yee Yvonne, Ms LEWIS Stephanie Elizabeth, Mr LI Ka-chun, Ms PANG Yuen-yan   

Physical Education:

Physical Education

Ms CHAN Wing-sze Judy**, Ms LEE Wai-yee Yvonne, Ms MAN Ka-yin

Technology Education:

Information & Communication Technology

Mr LUI Sze-ming**, Ms LEE Suk-chun Lucile, Mr LEUNG Yiu-tun Andy, Ms LO Ka-yin Cherry     

Technology & Living

Ms YIP So-ping Agnes**, Mrs PAK TSANG Tze-har Esther, Ms PANG Yuen-yan

Business, Accounting & Financial Studies

Ms CHAN KWOK Lai-sim Vivian**, Ms LO Ka-yin Cherry


**    Head of Department

*      Head of Department (Junior)

Contact Us
Address: 2, Lyttelton Road, Hong Kong
香港列堤頓道 2 號
Telephone: (852) 2549 2521
Fax: (852) 2559 6994

Location & Transport

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  • MTR: Sai Ying Pun Station Exit C
  • Bus: 13 (Central); 12M, 23, 40, 40M (Admiralty)
  • Mini-bus: 8, 22 (Central); 10, 31, 56 (Admiralty)