Christian Education
In St. Stephen's Girls' College, the Christian spirit is embodied in its educational philosophy, curriculum, teacher-student relations, worship, work and recreation. Religious Education is part of the curriculum for all classes.

There are regular morning assemblies which include prayers, hymns, Bible readings, sermons and talks. Various modes of presentation are used with teachers, students, the School Chaplain and guest speakers taking part.

There are also a number of optional religious activities including Chapel service, Bible study and group discussion, a Christian Fellowship and monthly Holy Communion in accordance with the practice of Sheng Kung Hui. All members of staff and students are welcome to join and share in the religious life of the school.

110th Anniversary Service at St John's Cathedral

Christian Fellowship Summer Camp

Christmas Service

Religious Education Week

Student-led Worship at Assembly
Guidance & Discipline

The work of Guidance and Discipline aims to help students develop self-respect, self-discipline, positive attitudes, sense of responsibility, respect for others, and understanding of their personal growth and development. Recognizing the needs of teenagers at the stage of adolescence, the school forges partnerships with our parents, with the support of the School Social Worker. It is our belief that the creation of a supportive environment will enable students to develop positive behaviour, values, attitudes and interpersonal relationship, which in turn will facilitate their learning.


Form 1 Orientation Programme

Themes Activities & Topics
Adapting to secondary school life Sharing and workshops:
  • Tips for Happy School Life
  • Self-efficacy
  • Study Skills
  • My Learning Style
  • Uses of School Library
Life Skills Training Camp
Assessment of ‘Adaptation to Secondary School Life and Psychological Health’
Big Sisters’ Scheme
Developing students’ sense of community and commitment to school School tour and class activity: ‘My Favourite Corner of the School’
  • School History
  • School Rules
  • Christian Education at SSGC
Introduction to Students’ Association and co-curricular activities
Introduction to and audition for school teams, e.g. choir, orchestra

Form 1-6 Life Education Programme

Themes Activities & Topics
Social Skills, Peer Relation & Mediation 友共情
Respect and Appreciation of Life Stress Management 愛・壓力
Love and Dating 兩性相處
Family and Growth 我們這一家
Coping with Adversities 我生我才
Careers and Life Planning

The Careers Team is committed to helping students understand their capabilities, career and academic aspirations, and nature and requirements of different jobs, and in turn develop a positive attitude towards work and learning, set personal goals and integrate their career/academic aspirations with their whole-person development.

Focuses of Careers Education

Form One
  • Developing a growth mindset in students through identification of personal strengths and weaknesses
Form Two
  • Developing a growth mindset in students through enhancing positive personal qualities
Form Three
  • Providing guidance for students in making informed and responsible senior secondary subject choices
Form Four
  • Exploring personality types in preparation for further studies and making future vocational goals
Form Five
  • Nurturing entrepreneurial qualities
  • Enhancing students’ time management skills and decision making skills
  • Exploring post-secondary educational opportunities and multiple pathways
Form Six
  • Providing guidance for students in making informed and responsible subject choices for post-secondary years

Application for Official Student Documents

Students who need to apply for an official student document, e.g. recommendation, transcript, should submit the OSDA Form and relevant supporting documents to the Careers Mistress in person.

Alumnae please email the completed OSDA Form and relevant supporting documents to the Careers Mistress at


Application for Overseas Studies

Students who are interested in furthering studies outside of Hong Kong please make an appointment to discuss the study plans with Careers Mistress Ms W.Y. Cheung or Careers Advisor Mrs L. Yim.

Programmes and Activities

  • Careers Conferences
  • Careers Programmes & Events
  • Firm Visits
  • Careers Experiential Programmes
  • Other Events

Cambridge Admission Talk by Professor Dame Carol Black

Careers Forum

Careers Talk by Professor MOK Chung Tong Vincent, Faculty of Medicine, CUHK

Form 3 STEM and My Future Career Workshop

SSGC Careers Expo

Visit to HKU Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine

Visit to Hong Kong Police College and Sharing by Alumnae
Mentorship Programme

Jointly organized by the Alumnae Association and the Students' Association, the Mentorship Programme was established in 2006. The Programme is open to all alumnae and Form 4 and 5 students. Participating as mentors and mentees, they are matched according to their careers and personal interests. Regular group activities are organized by the Alumnae Association and the Students' Association to help provide mentors and mentees with an opportunity for mutually beneficial interaction. They are also encouraged to conduct their own activities and meetings. The programme aims to foster a spirit of mutual support, and encourage a close bond between past and present students, ultimately serving to provide a vehicle through which young students will be better able to broaden their learning horizons, and acquire a deeper understanding of different careers through the sharing of experiences with their mentors.

Opening Ceremony in JC Hall
Group chatting
Meeting with mentors
Sharing by mentors
Visit to Law Firm
Visit to Union Hospital